Time to get Active!
August 15, 2014
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StJudeMid-80 degrees, clear blue skies, light breeze = perfect weather for a run, walk, or bike ride.  West Tennessee might not have mountains like Colorado or beaches like Cali, but we have flat land (perfect for easy runs and rides)!  The Memphis Runners Track Club has the 5th largest membership of the Road Runners Club of America and the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club has over 1,400 members! You don’t have to become a member to run or bike.  Hit the vast greenway trails out to Shelby Farms, Germantown, and Collierville.  Or head to one of the many TN parks, Shelby Meeman, T.O Fuller, or Fort Pillow.

10348551_666925286730238_5605164189229690835_nBut if you need that extra boost to run or ride and want to donate for a cause, you can sign up for a race.  Did you realize you could run in a race, whether 5K, 5-Miler, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, or Marathon, almost every weekend? Or ride 25, 30, 50 miles with a group of friends every week?  It’s time to get active West Tennessee!  Don’t just look in Memphis for a race…Take a Day Trip away to get your fitness on and explore a new area.


Check out the Memphis Runners Track Club website for races! (blue)

Check out Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club website for rides! (red)


Here are a few upcoming races (including this weekend!):_slides3a

August 16, 8AM – 31st Annual Elvis Presley 5K Run – Memphis, TN

August 16, 7AM – Liz Lavelle Memorial Series, ITT & TTT 22-miler – Millington, TN

August 17, 9AM – 5th Annual Breakaway Bardog 5k – Memphis, TN

August 17 – BCB Training Ride – Lakeland, TN

August 20, 6:30PM – UBFM Food Ride – Memphis, TN  breakaway-bardog-logo 

August 22, 7PM – Celebrity Sunset 5K – Memphis, TN

August 23-24 – Meritan Midnight Classic Bike Tour – Memphis, TN

August 24, 7AM – Road Race Series 5-Miler – Barlett, TN

September 12, 7PM – Cooper Young 4-Miler – Memphis, TN




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