Remembering our Veterans!
June 6, 2014
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70 years ago today, over 160,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, France to fight and defend our country against Aldof Hitler’s Nazis.  June 6, 1944 will forever be known and remembered as D-Day, where over 9,000 soldiers’ lives were lost, but they will never be forgotten.  Today only a few remaining soldiers that stormed the beaches still survive to tell their story of Operation Overload.  However, in the little town of Halls, Tennessee, you will find a museum that honors veterans and reminds us about the World Wars that forever changed the US history.  Located on the ramp of the former WWII B-17 Training Facility (The Dyersburg Army Air Base), this museum holds pictures and documents from World War I through the War in Iraq so we won’t forget the impact these soldiers have on our lives and country.1024px-Into_the_Jaws_of_Death_23-0455M_edit

“Although there are few D-Day veterans able to attend our local ceremonies, it behooves all of us to remember their gallantry as they forged those well-defended beaches.  That is the least that we can do.”  Pat Higdon

This summer, the Veteran’s Museum will host events all summer that celebrate and honor our WWII Veterans.  So take a Day Trip away from Memphis to commemorate all soldiers and veterans that protect our country.  The Air Shows are a site to see that will literally take your breath away.

Stars and Stripes Summer events centering around important dates in WWII & other historic events

June 7 @ 2:00PM – Program concerning D-Day in Command Headquarters

June 14 @ 2:00PM – Flag Day Program   – Bring ripped or faded flags to be part of the ceremony

June 21 @ 10:00AM – 1:00PM – Monthly Brunch

Wings over Halls MUST COME!

August 16-17 @ 10AM – Helicopters and Airplane Show!!!  Huey and Cobra Helicopter rides for sale!!!

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