It’s all about the History
September 5, 2014
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MortonMuseum-001Everywhere we go we are surrounded by the past.  It’s not something we need to dwell on, but instead learn from it.  Buildings tend to hold the secrets and the history within their walls and it’s something that should be cherished.  You don’t have to be a Historic Preservationist to appreciate the plaster walls, a slate roof, flemish brick bond, or heart pine floors.  The beauty in these buildings are the details and craftsmanship.  They were designed to last over 100 years, not just 10 or 20 like some built today. 

Shelby-DaviesManor-007Not all of these buildings should be turned into house museums or restored back to a specific time period, but they can be re-adapted for new purposes instead of demolished.  West Tennessee has a large collection of historic properties that are just waiting for a creative person to come and bring it new life.  The historic fabric in West Tennessee is vast and can be seen from a small little turn-of-the-century bungalow to a antebellum plantation home to a Romanesque massive factory. davies manor plantation

Do you want to step back in time?  Check out these great house museums:

Ames Plantation     

Davies Manor Plantation

Alex Haley House Museum & Interpretive Center


What about a historic place with new life? 

Sears Crosstown Building

Untapped – Tennessee Brewery (hopefully opening soon)


Broad Avenue – Memphis

 Morton Museum – Collierville



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