Go Green or Go Home!
March 12, 2015
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Yes: Recycle.
Yes: Be Sustainable
Yes: Don’t Waste

But, that’s not the “Green” I mean.  St. Patrick’s day is Tuesday, March 17! However, many of the celebrations are this weekend! Are you prepared for the explosion of green? Don’t forget to wear green or you’ll get pinched!

10408060_10152236875824001_6560313828213793802_nThis day didn’t begin as just a celebration for drinking green beer and Irish whisky, but something much more. Not just a cultural celebration of the Irish culture, but also a religious celebration honoring Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick, born in the 4th century, was captured by Irish raiders and taken to Gaelic Ireland.  After returning to his family, Patrick returned to Ireland to convert the Irish into Christians. He died on March 17, hints the reason for the day of celebration.  10393799_10152236875519001_1601203709350055967_n

The holiday was considered an official Christian feast day since the early 17th century, however Ireland has been celebrating this day since before the 9th century.  Now widely honored throughout the world,the US doesn’t declare it a legal holiday, but that hasn’t stopped us Americans from celebration since the late 18th century.

As March 17 rolls around, take out your shamrocks and green gear and celebrate, with the world, the Irish culture!  Chicago turns the river Green, White House turns it’s fountain green, buildings light up with green, green green green.  There are always wonderful parades all over the country and West Tennessee also participates.  These events are not just for the 21+ crowd, but are fun family, kid-friendly events!

10464046_10152247898514001_3572360760071578385_nPRE-ST. PATTY’S DAY CELEBRATION – WEEKEND!
– The Luck of the Irish at Elmwood- Memphis – March 14, 10:30AM, $15 per person – ALL AGES
–  Home & Abroad Lecture – Irish Itinerary – Covington – March 14, 10AM – FREE – ALL AGES
–  Silky O’Sullivan St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Memphis – March 14, 3PM – FREE – ALL AGES
– Pre-St. Patty’s Weekend Celebration – Celtic Crossing – Memphis – March 14-15 – no cover – 21+10488045_10152246090769001_8754284427724131403_n
– Whiskey Tasting & Storytelling – Celtic Crossing – Memphis- March 16, 5-8PM – $30-$75 – 21+

ST. PATRICK’S DAY (actual) – March 17
–  St. Patrick’s Day at Celtic Crossing – Memphis – $10 cover – 21+
– Fleet Feet St. Patty’s Day Pub Run – Brookhaven Pub – Memphis – FREE – 21+10505560_10152246090704001_5832709944927893613_n
–  Breakaway St. Patrick’s Day Pub Run – Memphis –  6PM – FREE (bring cash & ID) – 21+
–  St. Patty’s at Lafayette’s Music Room – Memphis – 5:30PM – no cover – 21+ to drink
–  St. Patty’s Day Bash –  Flying Saucer – Memphis – 5:30PM – 21+

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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