February…a whole lot more
February 6, 2015
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NCRM wreathFebruary.   It’s a whole lot more than Valentine’s Day. Forget the flowers, chocolates, and cards for one day, but take a step back and realize that February is National Black History Month.

Black History month was recognized as a national monthly celebration in 1976 under President Gerald R. Ford.  The story of this celebration, however begins 61 years earlier with historian Carter G. Woodson and minister Jesse E. Moorland, who founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH) in 1915.  In 1926 the ASNLH began sponsoring a national Negro History week, the 2nd week in February, since it coincided with Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass’s birthdays, to celebrate and Ida B Wellsdb8342934989dd4ebc60bde510180eb6recognize the history and achievements of African Americans.  This week was first recognized and honored in schools and then evolved in cities and eventually a monthly national holiday.

Every year in school, I learned about different African American and their major success and brilliant minds.  I continue to learn something I didn’t know about the African American culture and history every year now.  West Tennessee is filled with events to celebrate and honor the achievements of many African Americans, not only famous like Dr. King or Malcom X, Rosa Parks, or President Obama, but of local leaders and influential people.  Learn about the strong African Americans in West Tennessee this year!

Heritage and “Roots” Bus Tour – 901-527-2871 – Memphis > Henning > Ripley > Covington > Memphis
Tipton County Museum – Exhibit on Historic Black Churches – Covington, TNwelcome 3
Bank of Ripley – Exhibit of local Black organizations and schools – Ripley, TN
Alex Haley House Museum & Interpretive Center – Henning, TN
Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum – Memphis, TN
National Civil Rights Museum – Memphis, TNIMG_1558
Soulsville Foundation – Black History Month Celebration – February 26 – Memphis, TN
DeSoto Welcome Center – Black History Month Celebration – February 10 – Hernando, MS

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