Cabin Fever?
February 27, 2015
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30a4b358f03f5e44cdd2091ca3076c4fAre you getting anxious? Depressed from this blistering weather? Can’t find anything new on Facebook? My guess, is that you have a case of Cabin Fever!

This weather, though beautiful at times, confines you to your house.  You don’t want to get out and risk driving on these IMG_4887treacherous roads, unless you absolutely NEED to (aka: food, redbox, wine). After a week of confinement, you’re having the itch to get out and explore and enjoy the outdoors…however, it’s 20 degrees outside.  Stuck indoors…why not start planning your next Day Trip that you can take as soon as the weather cooperates? Start making a list of activities you want to do and attractions you want to see.  Before you know it, it’ll be 75 and sunny (kind of like last Saturday). How about this year visit places you’ve never been to, just outside of Memphis and only a Day Trip away.

Why don’t you finally get a group of friends head out to Moscow to kayak or canoe down the Ghost River? Go fishing at Glen Springs Lake in Drummond or even venture out to the Historic Fort Pillow? There’s no need to pay lots of money for a remember-able trip.


  1. Start Planning (while this weather is out of control)
  2. Grab Your Friends
  3. Pack Your Car (when weather warms)
  4. and Take A Day Trip

What will you find outside of your comfort zone?


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