Civil War Trail

Stepping in the footsteps of Civil War Heroes

West Tennessee is filled with places that had a direct impact on the Civil War. With bluffs along the mighty Mississippi, this area was an ideal loca- tion for troops to prepare and attack their opponents. From underground railroads to Forts, this area is filled with a rich Civil War History.

Every day trip starts in Memphis at the TN Welcome Center on Riverside Drive and will take you out to explore the surrounding towns and their unique heritage, culture, and history. What hidden treasures will you find?

Stop #1: Mississippi River Bluff

51 N. Front St., Memphis, TN 38013
1 minute / 0.2 miles

Enjoy the bluffs along the Mighy Mississippi at different Mississippi River Parks located throughout downtown Memphis along the river. Confederate Park commemorates the short Battle of Memphis that lasted only 90 minutes on June 6, 1862.

Stop #2: Slave Haven Underground Railroad

826 N. Second St., Memphis, TN 38107
5 minutes / 1.5 miles

Built in 1849 by Jacob Burkle, this small white clapboard house is rumored to serve as a way station on the Underground Railroad for runaway slaves. Visit the house and see the small cellar where slaves waited to escape.

Stop #3: Fort Wright & Randolph

808-908 Randolph Rd., Drummonds, TN 38023
47 minutes / 29.7 miles

This was the location of Fort Randolph & Wright, that served in 1861 as a military training camp for Confederates (where Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest trained). Head to Ballad Slough Rd to see the one of the best view of the Mississippi.

Stop #4: Fort Pillow State Park

3122 Park Rd., Henning, TN 38401
46 minutes / 34.7 miles

Originally built in 1861 by Confederate troops, the Union Army occupied this fort until April 12, 1864. This is the site of a controversial battle called Massacre of Fort Pillow. This park is rich with both historic and archeologi- cal importance: Civil War earthworks on the Chickasaw Bluffs and the site of extensive fortifications.