Civil War History

The Civil War undeniably changed West Tennessee, and the evidence is all around us. These are just a few sites that tell the story of America’s bloodiest conflict, all just a day trip from Memphis!

Fort Pillow State Historic Park is rich in historic and archaeological significance. Steep bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River made this area a strategic location during the Civil War. Learn more.

Davies Manor features an award-winning exhibit, Omitted in Mass, exploring
the history of slavery and sharecropping at Davies Plantation, as well as other sites owned by members of the Davies family prior to the Civil War. Learn more.

The 1861 fort served not only as a defensive position for the Confederates on the Mississippi, it was one of the state’s first military training camps. Learn more.

Burial site of Louis Napoleon Nelson. Learn more.

This was the site of a Civil War fort built by the U.S. Army to guard the Memphis-Charleston Railroad, a vital Confederate supply route. Learn more.

This 1828 home was occupied by both sides during the Civil War and served as headquarters for U.S. Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman for a time. Learn more.