Veteran’s Muesum
Halls, TN

Address: 100 Veterans' Dr. Halls, TN 38040


Phone: (731) 836-7400

The Dyersburg Army Air Base at Halls was the largest combat crew training school built during early WWII years. As pilots began flying faster combat planes, the training was essential to airmen.

In 1997, the Veterans’ Museum was founded on the site of the Dyersburg Army Base, which served as a training facility for B-17 pilots during World War II. The museum honors American veterans from that era through displays, photographs and a history of the base. Also, there are displays from other conflicts and wars in which the United States was involved. The base was the only inland B-17 training base east of the Mississippi River.

View WWII through this former B17 training base. You will find displays from WWI to Desert Storm, as well as a WWII staff car, a Jeep, uniforms and more.