Battle of Collierville Historical Marker
Collierville, TN

Address: 135 Walnut Street Collierville, TN 38017


This historical marker recounts the 1863 battle, erected by the Sons of Confederate Veterans Wigfall Greys Camp 1560. The inscription reads:


On Oct. 11, 1863, Gen. James R. Chalmers, with a force of about 3000 Confederate cavalrymen, consisting of the 7th TN, 13th TN, 18th MS, 2nd MO, 2nd AR, and 3rd MS, approached Collierville from the south along Mt. Pleasant Road. Collierville, a Union supply base, was occupied continuously during the war by Union forces, the town being heavily fortified and occupied by the 66th IN Infantry. At this time a battle ensued and the ground was heavily contested. By coincidence, on the same day Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman was dispatched from Memphis to start his “March to the Sea”.

(Side two):
He was surprised as his train arrived at the height of the battle. Gen. Sherman threw his escort company into the fray and quickly moved to the depot for protection. The Confederates captured his train containing supplies and a number of fine horses including the General’s favorite mare; “Dolly”. The battle continued for about 3 hrs. The Confederates withdrew realizing heavy Union reinforcements were in route. Sherman ordered many of the town’s buildings burned. This engagement was the bloodiest battle of the war in Shelby County. Confederate casualties 51, Union 110.